New facility opens for Southern Oklahoma Addictions Recovery

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ADA, OK -- The doors to a new alcohol and drug abuse recovery center in Ada have officially opened.

"Right now I don't think I'd be in a good place. I think probably in prison, something like that, jail, you know, because I wasn't doing the right things. But now that i'm here, I feel like i'm doing the right thing."

"There could be a lot worse places for us to be right now than right here."

Byron Mayfield and Kenneth Coffee are both clients of Southern Oklahoma Addictions Recovery, or SOAR.
The program helps residents, suffering from addiction, with their recovery, and helps them adjust back into society.

"Met people from all over Oklahoma, but there's a bunch of good guys here, just went down the wrong path and I think this is showing them the right path. I mean, it's helping me," said Coffee.

Sunday evening Mayfield and Coffee celebrated -- with dozens of others -- the grand opening of SOAR's new location at the Pruitt Center for Recovery building in Ada.
The men say the new expanded facility will go towards helping even more addicts.

"The great thing about this new facility, which we've only been in for a couple weeks, is we're only occupying 6,000 square feet and we've got 4,000 more feet that we can expand into," said SOAR board of directors president, Duane Murray.
He says the 6 month recovery program is for non-violent, court ordered,drug and alcohol offenders.

"Prison is really not the best option for a lot of these guys. They're good people They could be my children, or your neighbors children, or your grandchildren; they've made some bad choices," said Murray.

Murray says SOAR was founded in 2008 and quickly outgrew it's previous location.
Murray says Dexter Pruitt of Ada donated the new facility, along with other community members.

"Donations just from churches, individuals, some of these businesses that hire our people have donated money, and everything you see here is done with donated funds and it's all completely paid for today," said Murray.

Coffee and Mayfield say they're thankful for the community support and the program that's given them the tools to build a new life.

"I started from the ground, now i've been here 5 months, almost 6, and I feel like a big change in me, you know, i'm out working, i'm sober, and I feel good," said Mayfield.

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