New health clinic coming to Grayson County

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Grayson County residents who are uninsured or who receive Medicaid will soon be able to access primary health care at a new clinic.

According to the Grayson County Health Department about 25,000 residents are uninsured in the county and about 20,000 are enrolled in Medicaid. It is because of those high numbers health officials say the new primary care facility is much needed.

By the beginning of September, Grayson County residents who do not have insurance or receive Medicaid will be able to find health care in this building off Gallagher Dr. in Sherman.

"Some of our Medicaid recipients indicate that they're having trouble finding family physicians that have room in their practice for more Medicaid patients," Teel said.

John Teel, with the Grayson County Health Department, says the clinic is made possible by a state waiver under the Affordable Care Act.

"We have to give credit where credits due. The State of Texas in 2011 asked the federal government special permission to waive some complicated medicaid rules, and it's called asking for a waiver. Texas made that ask and the federal government said yes," Teel said.

Bringing the clinic to life has been a four part effort by the county, Texoma Medical Center, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital WNJ and the Texoma Health Foundation.

"The hospitals could not be doing a better job. They're moving very swiftly, they're trying to hire staff as we speak," Teel said.

Teel says the county is providing $2 million dollars to open the facility while federal and state funds will provide the other 60%. Teel says the new clinic will help save taxpayers money while providing the health care residents need.

"I think it will save so much money in the long run over pulling patients away from our two emergency rooms, who really, they're not having a medical emergency, " Teel said.

The new clinic, which has not been officially been named, is expected to open August 30th.

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