New renovations and additions to I.W. Evans Intermediate

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BONHAM, TX -- I.W. Evans Intermediate in Bonham got a major facelift over the summer and Monday students got to see their new and improved school.

The renovations and new additions were made possible by a nearly $7 million dollar school bond that was passed by taxpayers last year. Teachers, students and parents alike say they are excited about the improvements.

Over the summer Bonham ISD's Operations Director Bill Wakefield says the old section of the building was gutted and put back together with bigger classrooms, which teachers say they were in dire need of.

"The classrooms were not the correct size for the amount of students that we had. We had wires, extension cords so we had massive amounts of electricity problems. Today though it was wonderful walking into a nice clean building," Instructional Reading and Math Coach, Sharlena Hamby said.

Students agree.

"I just like everything. It's so big and roomy," Olivia Foster said.

"It feels good. I almost get lost sometimes," Seth Sacco said.

A school bond also allowed for new additions like a gym and a 4th grade hall complete with eight classrooms.

I.W. Evans is also more secure now. The only way for anyone to get in and out of the building during school hours is through the front office.

"It's a trend across the country for schools, especially new schools to be adopting those safety precautions," Dr. Faith Ann Cheek said.

Principal Dr. Faith Ann Cheek says students will now be dropped off and picked up at the loop on North Main Street, which takes some getting use to.

"When you're trying to drop your kids off and try to help them to their class rooms, we weren't allowed inside so it was a little difficult for us," Parent James Turner said.

However, as time goes by Dr. Cheek says the adjustments will get easier for students and parents alike.

"With flexibility you're going to find that number one your kids had a great day, and we're going to take care of them," Dr. Cheek said.

For parents who want to learn more about the improvements, including the new pickup and drop off location you can visit I.W. Evan's Facebook page or website at the links below.