New technology added at TMC to perform surgery

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DENISON, TX -- In the past, patients with some forms of prostate and kidney cancer had to drive to the metroplex for the latest, most advanced treatment, but thanks to new technology, and one dedicated doctor, these patients can get the best care right here at home.

It's called the Da Vinci Robot.

"The physician sits here and controls everything about the robot," General Surgeon Aaron Cernero said.

In the past week, Cernero has been using the robot to perform single-site gallbladder removals.

"We perform the whole surgery through one incision," Cernero said.

Cernero said with the single, one-inch incision, a patient heals faster.

Cernero added, "And they have one scar. One incision, less pain. Less chances of getting infections,".

But more importantly, it's attracting doctors from outside Texoma who can provide specialized treatment.

"It's no doubt it's a burden coming to Dallas," Urologist Jeffrey Cadeddu says.

Cadeddu used to treat Texoma patients at UT Southwestern in Dallas, but since TMC got the robot, he drives up once a month.

Cadeddu said, "I think they're really appreciative. In fact they seek it out. They ask me, can we do it here."

He says he mainly uses the robot to treat prostate cancer.

Cadeddu added, "It results in less bleeding for our patients. Certainly less pain for our patients."

Dr. Cernero said he sees robotic surgery as the future.

Dr. Cernero said "It's still minimally invasive surgery just like laparoscopic surgery is. But it's just a little bit of an improvement."

In addition to urology, they also have a doctor who drives in from Paris, who performs hystorectomies in the same manor. They're looking to expand the technology to open heart surgery as well.

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