New technology sends old gas pumps to graveyard

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SHERMAN,TX---When new technology is developed, old things become obsolete, and that goes for gas pumps as well.

Ever wonder where gas pumps like these that are in use go when the fancier, more innovative machines come to town? Well to the gas pump graveyard.

"As these units wear out, as these units are no longer upgradable to the latest security we have to pull them out of service and bring them down here and it becomes literally a pump graveyard for us." said Brad Douglass.

There's over 75 pumps here in a field behind Douglass Distributing in Sherman. Some of them were in use in the 80's or earlier. Rust has accumulated on some, others.. are just laying around.

"This is preventative maintenance, a planned maintenance, a planned replacement that we do for these dispensers." said Douglass.

Brad Douglass says the maintenance is due to requirements that pumps have to reach with new technology. To prevent identity theft, the new pumps are equipped with security measures, and so if a pump isn't up to date, it's dead.

"When that happens you have to meet the requirements so we have to change for the newer equipment, and this is where the old stuff comes." said Dean Stroud.

"It's physical evidence of our upgrade program that we have is that we're modernizing all of the fuel dispensers." said Douglass.

"We want to keep our pumps as secure as we possible can." said Stroud.

Dean Stroud says the new pumps have to have a PCI requirement that adds extra security. Douglass says the new pumps are equipped with that.

"The newer pumps actually triple encrypt the pin numbers and credit card numbers at the pump." said Douglass.

With the new technology and security measures we could see more and more pumps being replaced and sent to graveyards to spend the rest of there days, out of fuel.

In Sherman, Ethan Hutchins, News 12.

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