New zip line park opens in Arbuckle Mountains

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DAVIS, OK - A new aerial adventure course that zips you through the Arbuckle Mountains opened up Monday afternoon, and the owners said there is not another place like it anywhere in Southern Oklahoma.

Calling only the courageous.

"The zip course includes six lines and they all total over a mile in length," Co-owner Rosalind Borrough said.

The Air Donkey Zipline Park official opened its track Monday afternoon and offers a two and a half hour tour through the trees.

"I thought well you know we need something else to do around here, and I like jumping out of airplanes, so I thought this would be fun and I just put up a couple lines and it grew," Co-owner Steve Borrough said.

"The scariest part if that first step off that platform," Rosalind said. "You aren't sure if its gonna hold, but once you step off it's so fun. It's a bird's eye view of what it's like in the Arbuckle Mountains."

Steve and Rosalind Borrough own the zip line park and said they have worked closely with the Association for Challenge Course Technology to make it safe.

"In the last few weeks we have trained people for rescues and things like that, which probably will never happen but you have to be trained," Steve said.

The ride is $79 dollars plus tax.

"Everyone so far has left with a smile on their face," Steve said. "That is important."

For more information call (580) 369-5010 or visit the website:

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