New KXII iPhone app now available

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We know many of you enjoy our KXII iPhone app. Today we're unveiling our new and improved app.

Users can expect better weather information, including our interactive radar you also see on the web channel and on First Alert, and the same reliable Texoma news, sports, community events, and video they've come to expect from the only news source in Texoma with its own iPhone app.

To get the new FREE app...

-if you have the old one just follow the instructions the next time you punch us up

- or search 'KXII' in the app store

Here's the direct link to the new app in the iTunes store.

Please download the new app; the old app will no longer provide content. After downloading the new one, please delete the old one at your convenience.

The new app will probably require a software update to your iPhone. This app uses features not available in the old software. Your iPhone 3G should work just fine since the app was primarily built and tested on an iPhone 3G. If you plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes, you should be prompted to download an update. If you do not see a popup to update your phone, once you plug your phone into your computer and open iTunes, you should see a "Devices" section on the left side of iTunes. In that section, you should see your device. Click on your device to open your phone information. You should see a "Software Version" followed by a few numbers, for example "3.1.5" (note, this may not be the number you see). If your Software Version doesn't start with a 4, you will need to update. To update, there should be a button called "Check for Update" on your device information page. Click that to update. Be sure to backup your device when it asks you to.

Android user? Get the app here

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