No 'sour grapes' for Texas wine industry

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(FANNIN COUNTY, TEXAS) -- The Texas wine industry is growing steadily, contributing nearly $2 billion dollars to the state economy. Alexandra Carter stopped by Texoma's largest winery Friday to take a look at the uncorking of an economic boom.

The Homestead Winery has been in Fannin county for almost 25 years, they produce 22 kinds of wine all from Texas. Owner Gabe Parker says business gets better every year, " gone from around 30 wineries when we got into the business in 1989 to over 300 wineries in the state."

The Texas wine industry is sweeter than it's ever been and the Homestead Winery in Ivanhoe is also ripening nicely on the vine. They now have 90 acres of vineyards across Texas with additional tasting rooms in Denison and Grapevine. Parker says the growth he's seen since joining the industry is incredible, "we're having more production than we've ever had."

Homestead produces 50,000 gallons of wine a year which places them in the top two wine producers in all of North Texas.

Parker says, "it hasn't always been that years past we've had to bring in some wine from outside the state.. but luckily the last few years have been pretty good production and we've been able to satisfy all our needs in Texas."

Parker says he's glad his business can pour some benefits into the local economy, " providing jobs and tax revenue but it also gives us the ability as a destination place."

He says the industry is growing so fast he can hardly keep up, "I need more product, I need more wine."

October is Texas wine month and the Homestead Winery has lots of fun activities planned Including a Halloween wine trail and wine tastings. For more information you can visit