New businesses at North Texas Regional Airport helping local economy take off

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- Applause filled Commissioner's Court this morning when North Texas Regional Airport officials announced their latest developments.

"U.S. Aviation has commenced its flight operations at the airport. Now they have moved their international operations here," William Retz with the North Texas Regional Airport said.

Students come from all over the world to learn here, like Rex, from China.

Right now there are already 30 pilots-in-training at the new school. That number is expected to double by the end of the month.

"When you double the number of students, you're going to come close to doubling the number of pilots," Retz said.

Just two years ago, a different flight school at the North Texas Regional Airport, The Air Safety Flight Academy, failed. Those students were sent to the U.S. Aviation school in Denton.

Now, U.S. Aviation is making the regional airport their new main base.

"They've moved about 20 airplanes. They have thirty students right now and they're flying on a regular basis," Retz said.

To be exact, they're taking off about every 80 seconds.

Each time one of those students takes off, William Retz says it generates dollars in our community.

"Impact economically per student is around $50,000 dollars," Retz said.

The second airport development announcement made Tuesday should also have positive economic impact.

Grayson County commissioners approved spending up to $1.8 million dollars to build a hangar for Texas Turbines, a company that modifies aircraft engines.

"I think the Denison-Sherman area is going to be great for future employment opportunities. We're looking to fill five more positions immediately and we plan to be anywhere from 25 employees to 40," Texas Turbines owner Kim Bishop said.

North Texas Regional Airport leaders see these kinds of developments as the future for the airport.

"I see us growing in a support role for that type of things, maintenance of aircraft, like Texas Turbines, that kind of business, the flight school, perhaps some freight, but I don't see passenger service perhaps in our immediate future," Retz said.

If you are interested in working for Texas Turbines, send your resume to

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