North Texas students learn crime scene investigation techniques

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DENISON, TX -- Some North Texas high school students got a hands on lesson in crime-solving Thursday.

The Grayson College Criminal Justice Program hosted both Bonham and Denison High School students to school them in real life crime scene investigation tools, and to engage them in some friendly competition.

"I've been in Denison for 13 years, and in 13 years, I've had a lot of students go into the field," said Steve Cherry, teacher at Denison High School

Steve Cherry has seen a lot of students come and go through his Denison High School forensic science class. For the past 9 years, he's also invited his students and others to this hands on crime scene investigation program put on by Grayson College.

"I have students that have a really strong desire to be in some level of law enforcement, and this gives them a taste," said Cherry.

One of those students, Mariaha Scally. She's taken Cherry's classes for the past three years.

"It was a really great experience, I would love to come back and get to experience more of the crime scenes," said Scally.

Scally wants to go into criminology.

"It gets us ready for the real world experiences," said Scally.

These North Texas students learn everything from how to use metal detectors properly, to how to draw a crime scene, and collect evidence.

"Its just an opportunity for kids to actually see how they're classroom studies are really being used outside the classroom," said Crystal Buckaloo, Bonham High School science teacher.

Bonham High School teacher Crystal Buckaloo says the kids from different schools are also using what they learn in a friendly competition. And she hopes they take away an important lesson.

"Of course we learn that its not like TV, but its just a way for them to apply all of the sciences they've taken all of their career in school and apply it to real world stuff," said Buckaloo.

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