North Texas road conditions keep rescuers busy

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SHERMAN, TX - Dozens of cars were sidelined on Texoma roadways today, as they tried to make their way through the icy weather on up to 1 ½ inches of snow and ice.

As motorists brave the cold, authorities say some are too brave for their own good and remind them that that looks can be deceiving.

"People think, oh well, it's great. I can go out now, but really it's not. The road conditions later in the day are worse now than they were this morning, because the heat from the sun has melted that top layer of snow, and it's just created more ice," said Sergeant Bruce Dawsey with the Sherman Police Department.

He says that all hands are on deck for the Sherman Police Department, and that every one of them is needed.

"We're getting numerous calls, just one after another, as far as stranded motorists, people sliding off the roadways or 18-wheelers being stranded or losing traction," Dawsey said.

That's why he urges drivers not to hit the roads unless it's absolutely necessary. He says the fewer civilians on the roads leaves more first responders available for those who really need them.

"While you're tying up that officer, because you slid off the road, that's delaying someone who might have an emergency situation, a real emergency, life or death," said Dawsey.

Property owners are also urged to protect their pipes and make sure their sprinklers are off, because flowing water can create a winter wonderland that puts the whole community at risk. said Sarah Somers with the Emergency

"Just because the roads may have gotten better on your home on today, and so you think you know what you might encounter tomorrow when you go back out to work, it doesn't mean that there hasn't been a broken pipe between now and tomorrow morning," said Sarah Somers with the Grayson County Emergency Management Office.

Somers was up early this morning checking in with are emergency personnel. She urges residents to check in on neighbors and the elderly.

"The extreme temperatures are hard enough on those of us who enjoy great health. For those others who don't it's really, really hard on them and on our little dogs and animals that have to be out," Somers said.

She also reminds pet owners that outside water bowls may have frozen solid, leaving animals with nothing to drink.

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