Now is the time to apply for seasonal jobs

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SHERMAN, TX -- Anticipation of more shoppers this holiday season has stores hiring more seasonal employees. That means plenty of job opportunities right here in Texoma.

"From our trucks unloading, to just people helping out on the sales floor, and definitely we need a lot of cashiers come Thanksgiving and black Friday," Target employee David Wang said.

Sherman's Target plans to hire 50 seasonal employees. While Kohl's and Walmart are hiring as well. A seasonal job adds some extra dough to your wallet for the holiday season, but it can turn into something much more.

"We love to be able to see if there are people who want to stay longer than that," Wang said.

"It's a good opportunity for them to get their foot in the door with a company, and who knows where that might lead," Bob Rhoden said.

Local employment expert, Bob Rhoden, says seasonal employees can have an advantage in the job market.

"They get a chance to build a track record with the company. The company likes them. They see that they've got some good work ethic, they have some good skills and they fit well on the team. And so often you'll see some of those folks who get offered a job at the end of that time to stay on permenent," Rhoden said.

Employers have already started the hiring process, so it's important to start applying sooner rather than later. And if you want something more permanent, a seasonal job can be the perfect place to start.

"Some of our best team members now are people who started as seasonal team members last year. So, we're always looking for great talent no matter when we hire," Wang said.

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