Number of meth crimes in Grayson Co. jumps

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GRAYSON COUNTY, Texas -- Meth crimes has been a big issue in Grayson County for some time now, according to the Grayson Co. Sheriff's Office, but since last year the number of indictments for meth crimes has jumped substantially.

In 2013, a grand jury indicted 174 meth crimes. But only halfway into 2014, the grand jury has indicted 183 meth crimes.

"It's a safe bet that at least 50 percent or more of the felony cases I deal with are meth or meth-related," Britton Brooks, assistant district attorney, said.

By meth-related, Brooks is referring to crimes that are tied to meth, like robbery, burglary and theft.

Those crimes, he said, are often commit to finance the drug user's habit.

Which is likely what fueled an incident that happened just weeks ago in a Sherman neighborhood.

Three men, 61-year-old Larry Thacker, 48-year-old Kenneth Moss, and 59-year-old Robert Riles were arrested on suspicion of repeatedly burglarizing an abandoned home.

Officers reportedly found a stolen property from the home on the men.

At the Grayson Co. Sheriff's Office, Sgt. David Russell says he's not sure why meth is the drug of choice in the area, but it could be attributed to it's low cost.

After several meth lab busts, the drug isn't produced in the county as heavily as it once was.

"But now we're getting what I believe to be a big influx from Mexico," Russell said.

Russell said if the United States can secure the border, it will likely help curb the problem here.

"We'll overcome it, but it may take a while," he said.

Editors Note: This story on meth is part of series of stories News 12 will be doing about the drug. Next week, we'll take a look at the effects of the meth problem on the county's citizens and economy.