OHP cracks down on boating while intoxicated

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The heat of June is driving boaters to Lake Murray for summer fun.

But June 28th through 30th they'll be joined by OHP's marine enforcement section who'll be on the lookout for intoxicated boaters.

It's a cause that's important to those who knew Robbie Brooks, the 51-year-old Ardmore woman killed in a boating accident last year.

"Robbie was just a good friend to almost anybody that met her, she was really enthusiastic, she was probably the most upbeat, just loving person that I ever knew," said Brett Perry, Brooks' friend.

He says it was a shock to learn of her death, but also to find out alcohol may have played a role in the fatal crash.

"We had become so accustomed to her being around that most of us didn't believe it for a long time," Perry said.

That's why 6 to 8 marine troopers and 6 to 8 land troopers will make enforcement stops around the clock over the weekend.

OHP Captain Ronnie Hampton explains what happens if a boat driver fails a boating sobriety test.

"Those troopers will transport them by boat back to the closest area, we'll have a trooper pick that person up and take them down to the county jail," said Hampton.

Perry hopes this campaign will raise awareness and save lives.

"Sometimes things happen you can't hardly believe so it's good they're stepping up and making them aware for more people," Perry said.

Hampton said by law, you must have a life jacket for every person on board and a sober driver.