OHP Halloween Safety Tips

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Halloween historically has the highest number of pedestrian fatalities than any other day of the year- that's according to the fatality analysis reporting system.
Susie Peek says she understands the importance of supervising her grandchildren while trick-or-treating.

"We never go alone. We go as a family. Never let kids go out by themselves."

OHP trooper, Brian Quinn, says the number one safety tip is to slow down in residential areas.

"They're going to be running from house to house having a good time... So they're not really going to be thinking about the traffic out there. It's going to be the operator of the vehicle... Their responsibility to be safe and aware of what's going on in the area."

Quinn also urges drivers to turn on their headlines before it gets dark.

"That'll help alert other drivers in the area that may be slowing down or stopping at houses and also the children that are out running around. It'll give them time to see a vehicle approaching and may keep them from jumping out in the road in front of you."

Peek adds that it's wise to travel in a large group.

"We all go together. We never send anyone out alone. I'm normally in the car driving right next to them and they're all walking..."

OHP reminds parents to check out neighborhood sex offender lists online before leaving the house.

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