OHP Says Roads Improving, But Drivers Still Need to Slow Down

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The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says their highway crews are continuing to sand the roads but drivers should continue to leave plenty of space between vehicles.
They say to be aware of "black ice" which may just look like a wet spot on the road but is actually a thin layer of ice.
OHP says while most US and state highways have both lanes clear now, county roads remain icy and slick, especially, on hills and curves.
Ronnie Hampton with OHP says they've assisted 97 motorists the past four days and responded to 64 accidents.
He says, fortunately, no major injuries or fatalities have occurred in the Ardmore area since the storm hit Thursday.
"We haven't actually had anybody that was admitted into the hospital. So that's a good sign that tells us people are driving a little bit slower so the mechanism injury isn't that bad," says Hampton.
OHP warns drivers that roads may refreeze tonight and you should continue to drive slow until it warms up and all the ice has melted from the roadways.

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