OHP begins tracking location of last drink to prevent DUI

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ARDMORE, OK -- OHP is cracking down on drunk driving by making those who serve alcohol more accountable.

"Almost everybody is injured in a DUI crash and, I mean, I think that says volumes," said Oklahoma Highway Patrol Troop F Captain, Ronnie Hampton.
He says, in efforts to prevent the tragedies that often come from impaired driving, troopers will now be tracking the location of where the driver took their last drink.

Hampton said, "As they are making those DUI investigations on the roadside, is to talk to the occupants of the car: the driver, the passengers, and find out where they last consumed alcohol at, and then they send that data in to our secretary here in Ardmore and she tracks that."

Hampton says they've also sent a letter to area bars encouraging them to assist OHP, by having a preliminary breath test device on premises.

"To also get the people that are actually owning the bar and the people that have the license, to get them to where they're thinking of other ways to make sure that the people that are pulling out of their parking lot aren't going to endanger somebody else," said Hampton.

"You know, it's something that we're always concerned with. We certainly try to watch people as best we can," said Justin Ramsey, who owns the Red Dirt Brewhouse in Ardmore.
He says it's an idea he can get behind.

"I think it may be something that in the future, once we learn a little bit more about it and how we could put that into our business model, I think that would be something we would be interested in," said Ramsey.

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