OHP increases presence on U.S. 70

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said that over the past ten years about 32 people have died in accidents on U.S. Highway 70.. Now OHP Troop F is working to reduce the number of deaths.

"We've recently refocused our efforts out here after the last fatality that happened out here a few months ago," said Trooper Rodney Davis.

He's talking about the March 18th accident on U.S. Highway 70 near Oakland that killed a father, his young son and his daughter.

Since then troopers have been stationed on the highway daily, cracking down on speeders, drivers making improper turns and those who veer left of center.

"We really do care about what happens to people on the highway so we make an effort to change people's driving behaviors so that that doesn't happen," said Davis.

After several hours of patrolling highway 70 Tuesday, Davis said he issued 8 warnings and 7 citations, and most of those were for speeding. He hopes OHP's increased presence will save lives.

"We're going to work to get the fatalities down," said Davis. "That's our job, that's our concentration."

Three troopers worked U.S. 70 Tuesday, but Davis says that number varies day to day.