OHP motorcycle safety class coming to Durant

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DURANT, OK -- Oklahoma Highway Patrol says with fall weather comes more motorcyclists out on the roads, increasing the chances for dangerous crashes.

That's why Durant is bringing a statewide class here to give locals the expertise and training to make it home safely.

"Unfortunately we all know somebody who hasn't come back from a ride. And we hope that doesn't happen in the future," said motorcyclist David Cathey.

The investigator and former highway patrol trooper was instrumental in bringing the class to Durant.

"Motorcycling is just like any other physical skills. If you don't practice it, it gets rusty. This is an opportunity to sharpen your skills," he said.

OHP Trooper B.J. Keeling said they see more crashes this time of year.

"The leaves start changing and the weather starts changing. And really, large amounts of motorcycles heading to the area," he said. "So it really increases a lot this time of year."

Keeling said the class will address these common dangers - including keeping a close eye out for other vehicles.

"That's the biggest problem we've seen on crashes is 'I didn't see a motorcycle there' when they were making a lane change or something. Because they're a smaller vehicle and harder to see," he said.

And the class challenges riders of all skill levels.

"The troopers that put it on are highly highly skilled, some of the best in the country. So it's really a privilege to have them here. Sharing their knowledge with the rest of us," Cathey said.

The class takes place September 7 at the Choctaw Event Center. It's open to residents of both Texas and Oklahoma.

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