OHP prepares for another round of winter weather

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ARDMORE, OK -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is warning drivers to brace themselves for another round of slick and potentially icy roads.

Just as roadways in Carter County began to clear after Friday's snowfall, OHP troopers started re-grouping for the next round of winter weather expected to hit Monday.

"Yeah the last few days with icy roads, I've seen a few accidents," says carter county resident "harold langley.
Langley says although he wasn't involved in any collisions this past week, he saw plenty of them.

Langley said, "There were some that did get hurt, you know, roll-over, and it was pretty bad."

Troopers say most of the accidents they responded to last week were caused by drivers going too fast.

"Best rule of thumb on these icy road days is to keep your speeds down to between 25 and 30 miles per hour. A lot of times when people run of the roadway, it's because they're simply driving too fast," says trooper Jody Cornelison. He also says drivers tend to under-estimate the dangers of "black ice".

"People think that because the speed limit is 70 mph, they think they can drive 70 mph on this black ice, what we call it. It's ice, it's actually when the roadways are covered with a thin sheet of ice that you cannot see."

Cornelison says, if you do hit a patch of ice, to not touch the steering wheel or brakes.

"Just let that vehicle control itself. If you start trying to steer into it, you're going to make that vehicle lose control, when most of the time, it can re-cover by itself," said Cornelison.

He says for anyone needing non-emergency assistance, to call *55.

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