Southern Oklahoma Roadway Conditions Update

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SOUTHERN OKLAHOMA -- The Oklahoma Highway Patrol is reporting 1 weather-related fatality that happened in Muskogee on Thursday but as another day of this winter storm comes to an end OHP is bracing themselves for another treacherous night on the roads.

Marshall County resident, Jerry Holland, drove through Ardmore Sunday afternoon. He said conditions on several roadways looked better, but admitted his drive wasn't any less dangerous.

"It seems to be thawing out a little bit on the highways but it's like you get on the back roads of Madill and the city streets of Madill and it's slick until you get out to the well-traveled areas a little bit.", said Holland.

While the Oklahoma Department of Transportation has been working around the clock to maintain roadways, troopers with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol say it's still not a good idea to drive, especially on highways like 53 and side roads that haven't been sanded yet.

Trooper Miles Anderson adds anything that melted overnight Sunday, will be ice once again come Monday morning.

"Even with the sun coming out today, it's going to melt off a lot of this stuff and it's going to look like it's okay and tonight, as soon as it gets dark, it's going to be solid ice again", said Anderson.

Anderson says they've been busy working accidents and helping stranded motorists since Thursday night.

He says they've responded to more than 70 calls in the Troop F area alone.

Anderson said, "People drive too fast and they get into a situation they can't control before they realize what's going. It's too late. they're in a ditch, or they're rolling over, or they've hit something. You've got to slow down and pay attention to what's coming up in front of you."

Holland said, "I've seen a few cars off in the ditches but nothing really major."

Holland, along with OHP, say slowing down is key if you have to be out.

Holland said, "Just don't follow nobody too close. That's about all I can say. If you don't have to go nowhere, don't go nowhere."

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