OHP reports several crashes Monday morning due to fog

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"I woke up this morning and I couldn't even see the truck next to me and he had his parking lights on. So I told my company, I'm going to wait three hours."

Truck driver, Rose Lucas, says she waited a few hours in Dallas for the fog to lift before hitting I-35.
By the time she got to Ardmore, visibility was better, but she was still extra cautious.

"A big fog bank from the sky, dense... And I went through it. I was really careful, praying... I don't want to hurt anybody."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they worked several accidents Monday morning in Johnston, Carter, and Love counties due to the fog.

"...Ranging from about 6-9, I would say we responded to about 10 accidents."

Trooper, Ronnie Hampton, says the majority of the collisions were on 2 lane rural highways, like highway 22 in Johnston county.

"3 of them at one location. So it was multiple collisions where people were going around a curve too fast. Fortunately, they didn't slide off the road and hit the people that had a wreck right before them."

Hampton says people need to slow down when visibility is poor, like it was this morning.

"It seems like people, they hear it but they don't adhere to it. They don't listen, they don't take notice, they think things aren't going to happen to them and before you know it, they're sitting in a ditch with their car tore up wondering how it happened."

Lucas says the weather may have delayed her trip a bit, but it was worth it, knowing she was helping keep other drivers safe.

"I don't move until it burns off. I'm on my way to New Hampshire and it's a given it's probably going to be foggy between here and there..."

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