OHP says no evidence of foul play after body found in burned SUV

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MURRAY COUNTY, OK -- Investigators say there's no evidence of foul play after a body was found inside a burned vehicle yesterday in Murray County, and they may have identified the possible victim.

Authorities say the body is that of a man but are not ready to release his name.
Captain Ronnie Hampton with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol says they believe the man was a family member of the last registered owner of the SUV, who is a resident of Marshall County.
Hampton says, Tuesday morning, fire crews found the man's remains inside the burning SUV.
The state fire marshal has now determined that the fire started in the engine of the SUV but are still unsure how it started.
Hampton says there was nothing on the exterior of the vehicle to indicate it had been involved in a crash.

"And so now we're looking at what caused the engine compartment fire and we're also looking at what are possible causes of why the vehicle departed the highway," said Hampton.

Captain Hampton says they don't know if the fire started while the SUV was on the road or when the vehicle had stopped.
They're not releasing the victim's name until they receive positive identification from the medical examiner's office.

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