OHP urges drivers to check tires before weekend road trips

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ARDMORE, OK -- OHP says a triple fatality last weekend in Love County was most likely the result of improper tire maintenance and they want to urge drivers to protect themselves before they hit the road.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol says two people were killed, one of whom was pregnant, and four others injured after a rollover accident on I-35 in Love County Sunday afternoon.

"The fatal wreck from last weekend was a result of a tire failure," said
Captain Ronnie Hampton.
He says 35-year-old Hortencia Mandujano and 50-year-old Maria Del Carmen Labrada-Miranda, both of Houston, died at the scene.
Hampton says they believe low air pressure caused the tire blowout.

"Only 1% of tire failures are a result of the tire being improperly made at the factory. 99% of the tire failures, that result in car wrecks, is a result of people not maintaining their tires properly or not understanding the air pressure," said Hampton.

Hampton says during holiday weekends with drivers headed for the lake hauling boats, and extra people, it's even more important to check your tires before heading out.

"They start adding a lot of extra weight to the rear axle but they're not increasing their air inflation to support that weight," said Hampton.

"You know you could have problems under inflation or over inflation. On the drivers door seal of the vehicle it'll say what psi to run the tires at," said Michael Marrs.
Marrs is the manager of Discount Wheels and Tire in Ardmore.
He says tire problems can easily be avoided with proper attention.

"It's good to carry a tire gauge, you know, to make sure that they're where they need to be at," said Marrs.

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