Odeum Theater reopens

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(WHITEWRIGHT, TEXAS)-- An historic movie theater in Whitewright reopened it's door Friday night after being closed for nearly a year.

The Odeum Theater has been an important part of the community for almost a century, so when it closed down in December of last year, even the youngest Whitewright residents wanted it back open.

Mayor Bill Goodson says, " I said you got any questions..now the mayor can do anything..and one of the little kids said..we want a movie theater."

New owner Michael Vinther bought the theater from the prior owner and reopened it Friday night with the movie Red Wing. Vinther says he's thrilled to show a movie on the theater's premiere night that will feature many hometown faces and places.

Michael Vinther, " most people say they have to see the movie three times..once for the people, once for the scenery and once for the story."

The theater has a new $60,000 digital projection system, 148 seats and concessions with pizza, hot dogs, candy, and popcorn.

Jimmie Aly owns an antique store across from the theater and anticipates plenty of new business," it'll be fantastic..I get a lot of overflow from it, I think it'll be great for business and I'm excited about it."

Bill Goodson has been mayor of Whitewright for 29 years and says The Odeum Theater is special to the community and the movie Redwing has an even deeper meaning to him, " I went into the hospital and I stayed there for a whole year..the day I got out and could walk around..that's when the movie was finished...so the good lord I guess put those two things together"