Officials want to stop illegal activity at Lake Bonham

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(BONHAM, TEXAS) -- Fannin County and Bonham officials say enough's enough when it comes to illegal activity going on at a portion of Lake Bonham.

Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston proposed closing a portion of County Road 2604 that leads into Lake Bonham to county commissioners and city hall after receiving several complaints of trespassing, fires being started. and reckless off road driving at the lake.

Linda and Doug Lay have lived off C.R 2604 for 10 years, .they say people have been trespassing on the road to the lake for years but lately the commotion has gotten worse.

Linda Lay told Alexandra Carter " and we have three wheelers, four wheelers..anything you can think of that goes up and down..and they have no license to be on the roads...we don't know what's going on..and it's kinda a problem..i really think it should be closed."

The Lays say the reckless driving worries them the most

Doug Lays says " ..and we are nearly right in front of the road down here..and they have had car wrecks here."

Linda Lays says" we don't know what kinda people are down there and we're always afraid somebody's gonna [sic] run into our house..coming round the corner."

Bonham Police Chief Mike Bankston says the trespassing, bonfires, alcohol consumption, and off-roading are dangerous and illegal and need to be stopped. He says he brought the issue to city hall and commissioner's court because the road belongs to the county but the lake belongs to the city so a joint agreement will be needed.

Bill Shipp, Bonham City manager says" what the council approved was to ask the county commissioners to block off the county road at a point that would inhibit..hopefully eliminate access down to our land."

The road is in Commissioner Dean Lackey's precinct, he was out of town at press time. Alexandra Carter spoke to Commissioners Gary Whitlock and Jerry Magness who say the solution won't be as easy as it seems.

Commissioner Whitlock says " the city part of it probably needs to be closed..the county part would have to be open because we have households..residents..we can't close it.

Commissioner Jerry Magness agrees, "yeah people have to have access to their properties."