Oklahoma Governor and state leaders break ground for new lodge at Lake Murray

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ARDMORE, OK -- Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin spent the afternoon in Ardmore for the groundbreaking of the new Lake Murray lodge.

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin and other state leaders visited Ardmore monday afternoon for a groundbreaking ceremony on a new lodge at Lake Murray state park.

"This is a very exciting day because Lake Murray is one of the crown jewels of Oklahoma. It's the oldest and the largest state park that we have. It has an absolutely gorgeous lake, so, having new rooms, a new lodge will further enhance our tourism product here," said Fallin.

Local legislators Pat Ownbey, Frank Simpson, and Tommy Hardin say it's been a project years in the making.

"Great accomplishment for the area. Legislation that we passed in 2012 to get this funded through no tax dollars but through the revenues generated by the oil industry here is a real great benefit for the district," said Hardin.

The governor says the state also broke new ground in how they funded the project.

"There's actually oil and gas royalties that come from the land here, in the park itself and so we've been able to accumulate about 18 million dollars in those receipts and we're going to spend about 15 million on this new lodge," said Fallin.

General manager Lewis Logan says the current lodge will be refurbished and the new lodge will be built right next door.

"The whole staff here is looking forward to the day when we close the doors on this one, and walk next door and go in to a brand new facility, so, we're excited about it, very excited," said Logan.

And Fallin hopes Oklahoma can cash in on its investment.

"We're real excited about how this is really going to enhance Southern Oklahoma and bring in lots of new tourists and tourism dollars to this part of the state," said Fallin.

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