OSDH looking for people exposed to rabid puppy in Sulphur

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The Oklahoma State Department of Health said a coonhound mix puppy sold at Bivens Dog Trade in Sulphur on June 9th has died from rabies.

Now they're looking for whoever bought its brothers and sisters
And at least one dog owner in the city says he's concerned the disease could spread.

"Yes, everybody should get their animals vaccinated and everything," said dog owner John Mathews.

A health department epidemiologist Laurence Burnsed said they're trying to warn anyone who may have been exposed, including the seller.

"We certainly want to advise them of their risk of potential exposure from this specific rabid puppy as well as understand the history of the other puppies in the same litter to know how they may have become exposed," said Burnsed.

The case came to the attention of the health department after the puppy's owner took it to the vet for non-aggressive signs of rabies: lack of appetite, increased drooling and reserved behavior. The puppy died on the 12th.

Testing confirmed the case and Burnsed says reaching those who bought the other puppies could prevent the spread of the disease.

"If any of them are currently ill or recently died we can then assess the risk of rabies within the others of this litter as well as those who may have been in direct contact with them," Burnsed said.

If you think you may have been exposed to rabies, your healthcare provider can give you rabies immunizations.

If you bought or sold any of the puppies, you're urged to contact the health department.