Oklahoma Tax Free Weekend Preparation

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ARDMORE, OK -- "You know people like to take advantage of not having to pay taxes so it's going to be packed in here I'm sure." (Barbara Bolin)

Tax free weekend is less than a week away for Oklahoma residents. And for "goody's" store supervisor, Barbara Bolin, that means they will be welcoming lots of customers, as well as, more employees.
"We're going to have a lot of employees that day because we know it's going to be real hectic" (Bolin)

Bolin says during the tax free weekend they are also offering a significant amount of discounted items and longer store hours.
For shoppers like Debbie Courtemacnche, it's a time to support the local economy while also being able to purchase more affordable back to school supplies for her three granddaughters.

"I was going to do some back to school shopping next weekend anyway and I forgot that it was the tax free weekend but that makes it even better." (Courtemanche)

She says tax free weekend is convenient for shoppers like her who are always searching for the best bargains.

"I'm a thrifty shopper. i try not to buy anything unless it's on sale. Unless i really have to have it." (Courtemanche)

Tax free weekend in Oklahoma begins on Friday August 2nd and ends Sunday August 4th.
Tax free weekend in Texas is scheduled for August 9th through August 11th.

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