Oklahoma Veterans Assistance Expansion

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ARDMORE, OK -- The Oklahoma Veterans Center in Ardmore is hiring and training more Service Representatives to help veterans maximize their claims. It means vets will now have access to help five days a week.

Shane Faulkner, Programs Administrator for The Department of Veterans Affairs for Oklahoma, says they need more representatives because more claims are being filed.

"We're just coming out of a war period. We're still in a war period. So we've got a lot of veterans that are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan. More and more people are filing claims. So that means that we need more Veteran Service Representatives to get these claims filed and get them through and get these veterans the benefits they are entitled to.", according to Faulkner.

Faulkner says the expansion will benefit not only the Ardmore Veterans Center's residents but Veterans living in the community as well.

"They're going to be more accessible and we're going to do a better job of getting these claims maximized for all these veterans.", he said.

David Cook lives at the Ardmore vets center. The Vietnam Vet says he wouldn't have been able to get full benefits if it wasn't for his representative.

"I'm really proud of him for sticking his neck out like he did. Well I guess I stuck my neck out in Vietnam to get that.", he said.

He hopes the expansion will allow more veterans to receive their full benefits as he has.

Cook added, "My rep here told me, don't worry about it and he did his very best and he got me all the benefits I could get."

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