Oklahoma agencies to teach safe motorcycle riding

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DURANT,OK---Oklahoma is cracking down on poor motorcycle driving by having state agencies teach safe riding.

"Improper braking typically is what causes a motorcycle to go down." said David Cravens.

According to the CDC, over 4,000 Americans died in motorcycle accidents in 2010. OHP troopers are traveling the state to bring that number down and this weekend they're riding into Durant.

Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper David Cravens says motorcycles have become more popular the past few years. With more bikes on the road; accidents have increased.

"I think just because of the more riders that we're having we're showing an increase in crashes and collisions at this point." said Cravens.

The Oklahoma Department of transportation has funded a program for the last few years with OHP to travel the state and teach bikers the proper ways to ride.

"It's a great opportunity for riders, amateurs like myself, to get here and work with the pros." said David Cathey.

David Cathey with the Bryan County District Attorney's office has been working with the troopers to organize classes in Durant. He says all bikers can learn from these pros.

"These professional troopers out here and the skills that they bring are important to everybody." said Cathey.

"What we teach our motorcycle officers through our two week motorcycle program, is the exact same techniques that we're teaching civilians as well." said Brian Medeiros.

The troopers will be conducting the class at 8 Saturday morning at the Choctaw Events Center. It's free and open to the public.

"It's a way for them to learn a better and safer way, not really a better but a safer way or a different way of riding possibly, I should say." said Cravens.

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