Oklahoma crews and Pauls Valley residents continue assessing storm damage

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PAULS VALLEY, OK -- Crews from all over Oklahoma, and Pauls Valley residents, were out assessing damage Monday, and starting the clean up efforts after a major storm over the weekend.

"Everybody came out after the storm. After it calmed down everybody was out checking on everybody," said Evetts.

Brumbalow said, "About 9:30 Saturday night it started raining and it hailed about golf ball sized hail. Lasted about 5 minutes and then it got smaller and smaller with extremely, extremely high winds."

"At first it wasn't coming in very fast but then limbs starting blowing down, so me and my grandma went into my living room because I didn't want any trees falling in the house," said Evetts.

Ryann Evetts and Jimmy Brumbalow both live in neighborhoods off of Royal Oaks Road in Pauls Valley, where crews and residents continue to clean up Monday after Saturday night's storm.

"A lot of trees down, some roof damage, a lot of hail damage to the roofs, a lot of debris, lots of debris," said Brumbalow.

"Everybody around here thinks it was a tornado because all the plants were stripped, all the leaves and stuff, and people's trees were twisted. Neighbors down the street says they saw it spinning in the air," said Evetts.

"At this moment we don't have any indication that it was a tornado. Obviously the national weather service believes that it was straight winds," said Garvin county emergency management director, Bud Ramming.
He says they're looking at a possible microburst but no tornado was recorded.

"It's been a while since we've had a storm this bad," said Ramming.

"My grandma and grandpa have lived here for 35 years and they say this is the worst they've seen," said Evetts.

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