Oklahoma man leaves jacket with $14K at restaurant

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McALESTER, Okla. (AP) - Finders keepers wasn't the rule after a 73-year-old man left a jacket containing $14,000 at an Oklahoma restaurant.

Jerry Allsup says he planned to use the cash to buy a car in McAlester but the vehicle wasn't in good condition. He stopped at Pete's Place restaurant for lunch and unwittingly left behind his jacket full of $100 bills.

Employee Kathy Prichard tells the McAlester News-Capital she discovered the jacket - and its contents - but it contained no identification. When Allsup called the next morning, she questioned him to ensure he was the true owner and he returned to claim his cash.

Allsup says he offered a reward to Prichard but she turned it down, telling him to "pay it forward" with a good deed to someone else.

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