Oklahoma new voter ID law in effect

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ARDMORE, OK -- Oklahomans headed to the polls will want to make sure you don't forget your wallet on election day. Helen Headlee shows us what you need to know about Oklahoma's new voter id law.

Oklahoma is one of 30 states to pass a voter ID law.

So this year for the first time, everyone will be required to show a government issued ID to cast their ballot. Carter County Election Board secretary Helen McReynolds, says the new law passed with a large majority.

"it wasn't just us, it was the people of Oklahoma who wanted voter ID," McReynolds said.

74 percent of people to be exact. The new law requires you to present an ID with your name, a photo and and expiration date after the election.

You can use your voter registration card mailed out by your county election board in place of another form of ID. Some voters think the law keeps the election honest.

"There may not be much voter fraud, but there's opportunity for a lot of voter fraud. And I think we need to be able to have a fair and valid vote."

Some like it because it keeps people honest.

"It shows that you're a citizen, it shows that you're registered, so I think it's something that's necessary."

But others don't like it at all. McReynolds says voters have called in to complain about the law, but the election board must comply.

"Don't try to argue with them or anything. We do tell them it's the law, we didn't make it."

So whether you agree or not, you'll have to get out your ID to get out your vote.

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