Oklahoma voter registrations spike

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Residents of Oklahoma are preparing for their voices to be heard this November.

Voter registration numbers in the state have skyrocketed in the past few weeks.

Carter County election board secretary Helen McReynolds says the reason why is clear.

"Because it's the president of the united states, people want to vote," McReynolds said.

In the last three weeks Carter County has received three to four hundred voter registration forms. This trend usually happens every presidential election year.

"The last presidential year we were getting them from UPS instead of the post office because there was so many," said McReynolds.

The elections board expects the registrations to keep flooding in, especially from one demographic.

Destiny Hedges recently turned 18, and young people like are predicted to make their voices heard at the polls in november. She says it's a chance for her generation to control their future.

"It's kind of like you're being involved," said Hedges."You're involved with our elections and who's becoming president."

And getting involved only means going to an election office or other public building, filling out a form and waiting--but that wait won't be too bad.

Despite the onslaught of registrations McReynolds says voter registration cards will be out earlier than expected. They've started mailing them out at least three times a week.

But filling out that form isn't the last step.

"I hope they're not just registering," said McReynolds. "I hope they go and vote."

That way voters can finish what they set out to do.

"I think it's a source of empowerment to our young people," said Hedges.

That's a vote of confidence we can all get behind.