One hero steps forward after saving Reno child

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RENO, TX - For a week the family of two year old Macy May searched for the two men who rescued the toddler.

Last week Macy wandered out into traffic on highway 82 in Reno. After seeing our story, the mother of one of those men called her son and told him the family wanted to thank him.

Monday morning, Macy's grandfather got to hug one of the heroes who he says saved his granddaughter's life.

"Words will never express our gratitude and it seems like a small world, I actually met this gentlemen on a job years ago." said Macy's grandfather Larry Young.

Bagwell resident, Craig Ray was one of the men that risked his life to save Macy. Ray says when he saw Macy walk into the road, he knew he had to act quickly.

"I seen her open the mailbox and I thought well she's checking the mail. Then I turned and looked and she shut the door and took off towards the road." said Ray. "I stopped my truck immediately and got sideways."

Ray and the man behind him got out of their trucks, stopping traffic to get Macy out of the busy street.

"He risked his life to save our child, when he has his own children at home." said Macy's mom Autumn Young May. "He really put himself in a position there that he didn't have to."

Ray, the father of two girls and a five week old son, says he didn't think twice.

"I don't consider myself a hero I think anyone would of done, what I did do, just to save her life." said Ray.

The family still has one more hero to thank and they hope he will step forward as well.

"We'll just be forever grateful to god and to him and to this other gentleman. We certainly hope that we meet the other one in the near future." said Young.

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