One man injured, another arrested in Tishomingo shooting

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TISHOMINGO, OK -- A fight between a Johnston County father and son ended with one of the men shot.

Tishomingo Police tell us 31-year-old Josh Arles is being held at the Johnston County Jail and his father is in the hospital after Arles allegedly shot his dad during an argument.

Josh Arles was arrested for shooting with intent to kill after Tishomingo Police say he shot his father in the arm with a small caliber handgun.

"One round. I believe the gun jammed before the second round could go off. That's what we've found so far in the investigation," Thomas Hankins, with Tishomingo Police, said.

Hankins says Josh Arles was standing on the front porch with his grandmother when police got to the home at 21st and Haney streets.

"We gave him multiple commands to show us his hands. He finally complied. He had to be taken down at gun point," Hankins said.

Hankins says after the arrest they found Arles's father, whose name is not being released, down the street bleeding from a gunshot wound to his upper right arm.

"The victim had left the house. Ran down the road to an ally way to try to get away. Once we detained the suspect myself and another officer walked down to the ally way where we found the victim," Hankins said.

Police say Arles's father was taken to Mercy Hospital in Tishomingo and later airlifted to another hospital. His condition is not known. Hankins says they respond to dozens of domestic disputes each year, but not many that are this violent.

"It is surprising. Just the nature of it. Tishomingo's a quiet town. Not a whole log goes on to this nature. Definitely when it happens people talk, people worry," Hankins said.

The Chickasaw Lighthorse police also responded to shooting.

Police say they are still investigating.