Organization hopes community will give students uniforms

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GAINESVILLE, TX -- It's time to start gearing up for back to school. That means rounding up some school supplies and heading to the stores for new clothes.

One Gainesville organization wants to make sure every child gets those items before heading back to class.

Volunteers with the Cooke county Boys and Girls Club spent their day delivering apple trees. They're hoping these trees will catch the eyes of Gainesville community members.

The Apple Tree program hopes that before every Gainesville student walks through those doors in a few weeks, he or she will go back to school in style.

"All you have to do is pick an apple and it tells you exactly what you have to buy. It's not very expensive, it's easy, you can grab it down at Walmart, they have the clothes right there," Boys and Girls Club volunteer Shelby Schmitz said.

Boys and Girls club volunteers got the idea of the apple tree because they believe the children they see each day, could use that extra help.

"We see a lot of kids that just in the summertime that don't have clothes to wear for the summer, much less going to school," Boys and Girls Club employee, Jodi Kemp said.

"So, it boosts their confidence. They're wearing new clothes just like most of the other kids. They fit in. They match. They're just excited to start school," Schmitz said.

The Cooke County Boys and Girls club provides free school supplies to area students who need them.
Last year, over 400 students received supplies. They're still having that program, and think this year they'll have hundreds of students in need of school uniforms too.

The apple trees are at First State Bank on California Street and Walmart.

"You just have to buy one set, one uniform. Then you bring it to the boys club on August 15," Kemp said.

There will be a back to school event on August 21 at the Boys and Girls Club. It's first come first serve. Kids can get a uniform and school supplies.

Volunteer Shelby Schmitz is passionate about making sure every Gainesville student is equal.

"I think all kids have the potential to be great, and I think that some kids get to start out at a hire starting place than other kids. And this just gives all the kids an even chance to live up to their full potential," Schmitz said.

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