Over $53,000 returned to Fannin County businesses by DA's hot check section

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District Attorney Richard Glaser has returned over $53,000 to Fannin County businesses this year alone from hot checks thanks to a computer program the county has been using for years.

With a lot of people just passing through and not a lot of resources to investigate, small towns like Bonham can be vulnerable to "hot check" writers, but Fannin County District Attorney Richard Glaser says criminals better think twice about trying it in his county.

Locating the criminal is often the hardest part.

Richard Glaser says " some of these people that give bad checks live in various places..move a lot...try not to give the exact information."

But thanks to a computer program that helps law enforcement find the suspect The Fannin County District Attorney's office has collected and returned $53,991 to county businesses so far in 2013.

Bonham business owners say they're grateful for the help.
Kay Rayden owns Merle Norman "about a year ago I had had a check that had had a year..in his office and I actually forgot about it and I received a check in the mail and it was from this hot check..so its good to know that he's constantly working on that for us as retailers"