PJC offers summer Kid's College

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PARIS, Texas - From photography and aerobics to martial arts and a children's version of CSI, this years kids college at PJC is designed to fight boredom and keep kids busy during the summer.

"We want them to learn things that they maybe not have an opportunity to learn in school and we want them to have a lot fun and be very active this summer." said Director of Public Relations Margaret Ruff.

Classes started Monday and run until Friday, engaging kids through creative activities.

A popular class every year is the CSI class, teaching kids hands on how officers investigate a crime scene.

"It's a lot of fun. You get to learn a lot about finger printing, what kind of finger print you have and the cast and what to look for." said students Alexis and Rebecca.

"I just hope they get a general understanding of what a crime scene is and how much work it takes to go through that crime scene." said Paris Police officer David Whitaker.

At the end of the week, students will put together all the skills they learned throughout the week and process a crime scene.

Other classes offered are Shutterbug Kids, that teaches kids beginning photography skills and Zumbatomic, a fast paced Zumba dance class.

"It's really fun." said student Davis Green. "It's a good way to have fun and exercise at the same time."

PJC hopes that the early interactions with college will help instill into the kids that college is a possibility.

"Our goal is to familiarize the young people with PJC, because the more they are on our campus the more likely they are to go on to college." said Ruff.

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