Painting around the town

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SHERMAN,TX---It's Art and Humanities month, and some organizations are celebrating by adding color to the downtown Sherman area.

If you've waked around the Sherman square recently, it's hard not to notice these new window paintings on the businesses that line the sidewalk. They're the result of a cooperation between "Sherman Downtown Now" and "Painting with a Twist" to celebrate Art and Humanities month.

"There are 16 paintings, and they're all different, they're all beautiful, her artists created them." said Tooley.

Karen Tooley, Executive Director of "Sherman Downtown Now" says both organizations worked close together to decide how to celebrate the occasion and how to provide a little bit of color to the square.

"By making downtown a vibrant place, it will be easier for all businesses to locate here, to bring very prospective residents of downtown Sherman." said Tooley.

From the bright orange butterfly, to the lone star cross, the 16 paintings have their own unique qualities, including this Van Gogh piece painted by Lisa Mitchell.

"The paintings on the windows just help promote not just the art and humanities month, but our business, as well as drawing attention to their windows." said Mitchell.

With these new works of art beckoning each passerby to stare and stop, Tooley hopes they'll also stay and shop.

"That's our goal, to build Sherman by making downtown a very vibrant, viable place to live." said Mitchell.

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