Parents, alumni meet to discuss Silo Public Schools future

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BRYAN COUNTY, OK -- Silo public school parents, alumni and staff are concerned for the future of Silo Schools. Tuesday night they met to talk about a plan to help them accommodate more students, on a tight budget.

Parents and alumni organized this committee after the bond issue failed for a fourth time. Their goal is to come up with a plan to advocate for the school, and get future school bonds passed. They say the future of Silo kids depends on it.

Silo Schools tried for a fourth time in January to pass a $2.3 million school bond. It would have added extra classrooms and security to the campus, but it was shot down by voters.

This year more than 60 new students enrolled at Silo and the school is already at double capacity. Tonight the committee discussed those over-crowding issues and laid out a plan to help promote the next bond. They say the school cannot continue to effectively teach students in their current facilities.

They fear if the bond keeps failing, they'll keep losing kids to other school districts.

"It's all about who can provide the best for my child, or your child. That's what the bottom line is. We ought to be all on board doing whatever we can. And the way we're talking right now, worst case scenario, you're talking an 8 percent increase in property tax," Bo McIlvoy said.

Silo Superintendent Dr. Bill Caruthers says the school has not called for a bond election yet, but they do expect to be on May's ballot.

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