Parents arrested for child neglect in newborn's death

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ARDMORE, OK - Wednesday afternoon Ardmore Police took 26-year-old Angela Randolph and 28-year old Christopher Randolph into custody. Their daughter Hannah was only 23 days old when she was traveling in a vehicle without air conditioning just prior to her death.

Ardmore police Sergeant Ryan Hunnicutt explained why they made the arrests.

"The charges stem from the way the child was cared for in the hours preceding the death of the child," he said.

The Randolphs were driving from Ohio to the Ringling area with the baby girl and another 15-month old child. The couple found the baby unconscious at the Bingo Burger convenience store. She was then rushed to the E.R. where she was pronounced dead. Hunnicutt said heat was a factor in the death.

"Based on the temperature recorded for that day and the child's body temperature at the time the medical examiner arrived," said Hunnicutt.

OHP Trooper Jay Clary makes it clear how dangerous cars can be in summer temperatures.

"In the car it can get quite a bit hotter than it is actually outside even if you're traveling down the road," said Clary.

The Department of Human Services is also investigating, and this isn't the first time the parents have dealt with child services.

"They had two children taken from them previously in Ohio," said Hunnicutt. "That was in 2010. We don't know if there's a connection between that case and this case, but it's something we're certainly looking into."