Paris City Council puts halt on road improvement project

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PARIS, TX - The city of Paris has nearly a million dollars sitting in the bank, leftover from a 2009 bond.

The city began a road improvement project with those funds, but this summer hit the brakes on the project.

Original plans for the 2009 bond were intended to re-pave and widen South Collegiate Dr. from Loop 286 to the Sandy Creek bridge.

"When that project was finished there was still about $920,000 left over." said City Manager John Godwin. "The way the ordinance that governed the original bond sale was written, the money could only used for South Collegiate road."

That money has been sitting in the bank, waiting for the city to use it.

In May the city received bids to re-pave and add a turn lane to the quarter mile stretch of road from Clarksville street to the Sandy Creek bridge. As well as add 23 parking spaces for the Trail de Paris.

"That is the busiest part of the trail and that's a parking lot that people kind of created because of the need." said Godwin.

The city council decided Monday that they want more time to decide whether it's worth the investment to widen this bridge.

"With a three lane road, that third lane is continuous turn lane." said Godwin. "Well you don't need a continuous turn lane on a bridge, because you cant turn on a bridge. But the big reason is bridges are really expensive."

The council also considered adding a west driveway to the police station, but quickly axed the proposed plan after realizing it would cost $250,000 for the short roadway.

Godwin says he would still like to see a parking lot added to Trail de Paris entry and an LED lit crosswalk.

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