Paris EDC and mayor issue joint statement

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PARIS, TX -- Residents filled the city hall chambers for tonight's special city council meeting that centered around a joint statement by the Paris Economic Development Corporation and the Mayor.

Executive Director Steve Gilbert says he has reviewed PEDC financial statements for the last three years and will prepare a statement at the next board meeting.

"Both the PEDC board and the city council must be comfortable with the updated policies to insure clear documentation for how tax dollars are spent to promote Paris and recruit new industry." said Gilbert.

Last Monday Mayor AJ Hashmi presented several receipts showing purchases by the PEDC and questioned why there was no clear documentation on why the money was spent.

Members of the PEDC were not allowed to immediately respond to the mayor's presentation, with the mayor stating it was his presentation and a response could be scheduled at a future meeting.

Tonight the mayor stated that the two had met privately during the week and reached an agreement on future procedures for the PEDC.

"In the next few days there may be more criticism, but ladies and gentlemen take it in the light that it is for improvement and better functioning rather than personal attacks." said Mayor Hashmi.

The next scheduled PEDC board meeting is Tuesday, September 10th

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