Paris EMS host Fill the Boot campaign

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PARIS, TX-- Paris EMS is helping Lamar County residents stay cool this summer with their annual fill the boot campaign.

Local medics gathered donations this week, with 100% of the funds raised going back to area children and senior citizens.

In the summer, Paris EMS uses $1,000 of the funds to buy over 60 fans that are donated to the Lamar County Human Resource Council. They then distribute those fans to the elderly, and families who do not have air conditioning during the hot summer months.

"We're just trying to be proactive," said EMS Director Kent Klinkerman. "Trying to prevent our elderly citizens from having an instance where they might get overheated and have to go the hospital."

The fill the boot campaign has been in place for over 20-years. EMS also uses funds to purchase heaters in the winter, and distribute Christmas presents to local children's charities.