Paris ISD student gathers books for West ISD

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PARIS, TX -- A Paris ISD student took part in a state wide service project, collecting books to help restock a library in need.

8th grader Erin Bankston joined the Lone Star Youth Leadership Council completing a book drive helping West ISD. Their goal was to restock the districts school's libraries after they were damaged in last April's fertilizer plant explosion.

All together the students collected 6,500 books, 600 of which were collected by Bankston.

"It is really important for me to just know that a little girl or boy can go pick up a book and learn something new and just get some new knowledge," said Banktson. "I like to read and I want other people who like to read to be able to read."

"She's just a pleasure to have in a classroom, because she is so energetic, caring and concerned, not just about her, but everyone," said Erin’s sponsor and Science Coach Jodi Andoe.

Bankston says she plans to do another book drive next year.

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