Paris ISD superintendent's letter to parents on standardized tests goes viral

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PARIS, TX - Paris ISD's superintendent is speaking out about standardized tests. He wants to set the record straight about the STAAR tests students took a few weeks ago before the results are released.

Paul Jones posted a letter to the district's website saying too much emphasis is placed on standardized testing and it's time someone said so.

He says these tests do not measure the quality of teaching and learning in the classroom, and has received positive feedback from people across the country.

"We're not shying away from accountability or testing students, but let's measure growth," said Jones. "The teachers did their job and the students did a great job and that's what were here to do."

Test results are expected to be released Wednesday, with more results released next month.

The results will be factored into school district rankings, which will be released in August. To see the letter posted visit