Paris Police Chief receives care package from France

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PARIS, TX -- The Police Chief of Paris received a package in the mail this week from an unlikely source, a fellow policeman from across the pond.

"We actually get emails from people who think they're contacting the Paris, France Police Department instead of Paris, Texas, USA," said Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley.

Hundley says those emails are not as uncommon as you would think. He says they receive at least a couple mistaken messages every month,but one piece of mail the chief received this week, the old fashioned way, was out of the ordinary.

"It's from the Brigadier Commissioner of Police in Longjumeau, France," said Hundley.

Longjumeau is a southern suburb of Paris, France. Inside the package contained a medal, shoulder patch, postcard, picture and 11-paintings of the streets of Paris.

"I am not an art connosseur, I'm afraid, but it's very nice," said Hundley "It looks like it's well done and it kind of looks like drawings with water color."

Hundley says he hasn't decided how to return the favor.

"What he sent us is pretty cool and I'm sure we're going to work a little bit to put together to send back," said Hundley. "I think he put a little bit of effort in this and we're going to try to reciprocate with that."

The chief is still unsure how he plans on displaying the art, but he says he's bringing in a local artist to give him a better perspective on the work.