Paris veteran holds flag run every Friday

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PARIS, TX-- A Paris veteran served in the Marine Corps for over 20 years, and now he is showing his military pride by holding a flag run every Friday.

When Friday afternoon comes along many people are getting off work and ready to enjoy their weekend, but Retired Gunnery Sergeant Richard McIntire, of Paris, does something a little different. When he leaves work he goes home, grabs his American flag and starts running down HWY 271, just like he has for nearly three years.

"I had an idea for a solid month every Friday I would go out with my flag up until Veterans Day, and it just never ended," said Retired Gunnery Sergeant Richard McIntire.

McIntire retired from the Marines in 2006, but not before serving 2 combat tours, 6 oversea tours and 40 stateside deployments.

He fought in Desert Storm and was in Iraq in 2005.

"When you join the Marine Corp you always hear "once a Marine always a Marine" it's just you know," said McIntire. "The Marine Corp opened so many doors for me there's just no way to ever pay it all back."

McIntire runs 3 1/2 to 5 miles on each run.

He says rain or snow, 105 degrees or 25 degrees, he's out there every Friday, and sometimes people join him.

"We've had a few come with us a couple times," said McIntire. "Troops coming home on leave, couple guys that were leaving for boot camp, recruiters sent them out and we run together."

Friday marked the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

McIntire says while many people look up to athletes or celebrities his heroes are World War II veterans, and he's had the privilege of meeting one veteran who was in Normandy helping liberate Europe from Nazi Germany.

"You can see it on TV and watch all the Hollywood stuff," said McIntire. "But until you talk to one of those guys that was there, it's amazing what they did was unbelievable."

McIntire is a member of the Marine Corp League and the Combat Veteran Motorcycle Association.